Update 13th April 2018

Processing is almost completed and we plan to do the draw the week beginning the 23rd April 2018. I am currently liaising with the CEO of the charity and will finalise the draw date by Thursday next week. The charity will be present and participating in the draw. The solicitor that will be present will be chosen by the charity and once we have confirmation as to whom this will be, the details will be published on the website along with the format of the proceedings for the draw. Once the draw has taken place and the winners have responded, their names will be published. All updates will be available on this website so please keep checking back.

Kindest regards

Please see the full statement below.

The Draw

Thank you all for participating in the competition.

Currently I am processing all the entries. Please note that this process is done manually and I will endeavour to adhere to the Terms & Conditions for the 7 working days for the draw. Should I require a couple of extra days wiggle room you will be informed, as this process needs to be done precisely to ensure all eligible entrants are entered into the competition. I will have a better idea when the processing is almost complete. Once I have announced the date, the draw will be done with a random number selector in the presence of a solicitor and the charity. Each successful entry will be allocated a draw number, multiple entries will have multiple draw numbers. Tickets will not be issued as the draw numbers will be stored electronically against each individual entry. The correctly filled crossword will be available on the website in the next couple of days should you wish to compare your answers.

Happy Sad Face

The statement says it all. Unfortunately we did not receive sufficient entries for the house to become the prize. The Main Prize now becomes the cash fund. The winner of the Main Prize can disclose at their discretion, the amount they win. There will be a further 3 additional £10,000 prizes drawn after the Main Prize. I will publish on the website the names of the winners as per the Terms & Conditions.

I have taken the decision not to do the draw live on Facebook, as the Main Prize is a cash prize.

The happy face is because the charity, The Yard, will receive a great donation thanks to everyone who entered. I have spoken to them today, and they are absolutely delighted with all the support for competition as this donation will be a huge boost for them.

On a personal note this has been quite a journey. I would have loved for the house to have been the main prize, however I have, with your support, raised money and awareness for the charity.

I will read any emails, but will be unable to respond during the processing period. Please note that the Facebook page has now been unpublished.

Kindest regards,